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As investigator Whitney Webb recently noted, Covid propaganda is beginning to pivot towards climate change propaganda (which I'll get to in another War Report).

It's not by accident.

Various "movers and shakers", such as the World Economic Forum and United Nations, are the controlling hand of the pivot.

The last 18 months has been a deliberate totalitarian campaign of

  • demoralisation (masks, social distancing, isolation, curfews);
  • destabilisation (lockdowns, mass joblessness, non-stop PCR tests with misleading results, endless vaccines, vaccine mandates, segregation); 
  • crisis ("deadly pandemic" via nonstop propaganda, requiring the governments to save us);
  • normalisation (fear of healthy people, loyalty to the state, blind trust of corporate media, mass censorship of dissenting views).

The above (bold) bullet points come from former KGB operative, Yuri Bezmenov, who - during the 1980s - outlined how subversion has been used as a successful tool of propaganda throughout history, and how it's used even more successfully in Western countries because the general populations are unsuspecting.

Dr Piers Robinson is the co-director of the Organisation For Propaganda Studies, and convenor of the Working Group On Syria, Propaganda, And Media. His conversation with me, in which he analyses the propaganda from the start of this pseudo-pandemic, is worth watching.



Let's take a look at some of the subversion strategies in our current context.

At the beginning of 2019 we were told of a deadly viral outbreak from a wet market in Wuhan. We were shown videos of people dropping dead in the streets.

Some of us knew at the time that it was staged, but most believed it. Now, most don't believe it. Yet those same folks still believe the rest of the theatrical production that persists with us today. 

When dissenting voices said that no wet market was to blame, they were labelled "conspiracy theorists" and shut down. Months later, around 6000 emails - between Fauci and others - were leaked, showing that the conspiracy theorists were correct.

At the same time, coincidentally, hundreds of countries around the world imposed unscientific lockdowns on entire populations, healthy people included. Coupled with the unscientific lockdowns were unscientific curfews; unscientific orders to wear pointless face masks; unscientific demands to fear healthy people; and the rest of all that unscientific nonsense.

Millions of people became - and still are - fearful, opting to voluntarily put on a mask and happily allowing multiple freedoms to be removed for the sake of "the greater good" or other collectivist garbage. (Most of those freedoms will never be returned.)

Seeing somebody wearing a mask while walking their dog, is the height of demoralisation.



Mass censorship was quickly rolled out. One example of such coordination is the Trusted News Initiative (TNI), a collaboration - which began during July 2019 - of the world's largest media companies to implement "disinformation" warning systems. Some of participants are the European Broadcasting Union (EBU), Facebook, Financial Times, Google, The HinduWall Street Journal, Twitter, Microsoft, Associated Press, Agence France-Presse, Reuters, and a bunch more.

The TNI next agreed to engage with a new verification technology called Project Origin, led by a coalition of the BBC, CBC/Radio-Canada, Microsoft and The New York Times – with a mandate to identify non-authorized news stories for suppression.

Many of the world's leading medical minds were (and still are) silenced, banned, fired, and targeted by the corporate media who've done a sterling job at defending the establishment. YouTube, for example, openly states that any content not aligned with the World Health Organisation, will be removed. (Which is why my videos are on Odysee, because it's blockchain-based and can't be censored.)

Here's a simple question.

Why, in a deadly pandemic, are medical minds who are trying to solve the challenges, actively silenced?

The answer is because there is no deadly pandemic.



Here's another simple question.

Why, in a deadly pandemic, are hospital staff who refuse an injection with no long-term safety trials, actively fired?

Watch my conversation with a nurse of 16 years, who was bullied and intimidated and forced into unemployment because she refused to be injected with a drug that is killing thousands of people.



The answer, again, is because there is no deadly pandemic.

Which is precisely why billions of dollars have been spent marketing it, trying to convince people there is a deadly pandemic, from billboards to broadcast advertising, to giving away prizes to those who get the harmful shot

Keeping people submissive and unquestioning, via propaganda, is the deadly pandemic.

Here's an idea.

Don't be submissive.

Don't comply. 



And ask questions.



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