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The photo above comes from the beginning of South Africa's lockdown during 2020. With such an apocalyptic virus wiping out the world, according to the media, one should expect that majority of the people pictured above would be dead by now.

That didn't happen.

Take a look at a short video of what the South African government did to South Africans at the time. In the name of health and safety, of course.

As Prof Mattias Desmet from Ghent University in Belgium said, around 30% of people are hypnotised and won't wake up. Mass indoctrination is nothing new. However, as he said, around 40% of people are awake but too afraid of taking a stand.

Those are the people that interest me.

With that in mind, let's recap where we are, regarding "Covid". I'm going to essentially summarise a tiny piece of this article.


Survival rate is over 99%

The median age of death in most countries, supposedly from "Covid", is over 80, accompanied by serious comorbidities.



Clicking on the image will take you to a fuller list of countries.

During May 2020, the UK's chief medical officer, Chris Witty, publicly stated that "Covid" is entirely harmless to the majority of people. Watch him saying it.

This was said two months after the UK (and South Africa) went into totalitarian lockdown.

So, then, why force millions of people into their homes and away from the healthy sunshine? Why force millions of people into unemployment? Why force millions of elderly people into isolation away from their families? Why force millions of people into unbridled fear through "sustained propaganda"? (Watch New Zealand's prime minister proudly proclaiming the "sustained propaganda" bit.)

Former Wall Street banker, Catherine Austin Fitts, knows the answer. (Plot twist: it has nothing to do with a virus, and everything to do with changing the world's economy.)


No unusual excess mortality

Basically, if nobody had given "Covid" a name and spent billions of dollars on fear campaigns, then nobody would have noticed anything different.

Below is the overall mortality rate for the UK over the few decades.



Last year's death rate in the UK was about as bad as 2004, and remarkably better than the last 80 years.

Meanwhile, here's United States. (Click on the image for a larger view.)



Where is the deadly pandemic?

The answer is: there isn't one.


"Covid deaths" are inflated

Countries have been classifying a “Covid death” based on rather embarrassing criteria.

Basically, a "Covid death" is dying from anything (like a shark attack or heart disease), but only if the individual "tested positive" within a period of time before dying (usually 28 to 60 days).

Let me simplify that.

If your friend had lung cancer but "tested positive", then your friend is classified as a "Covid death". (Or "Covid-related death".)

If your friend had lung cancer but "tested negative" (or wasn't tested), then your friend is classified as a cancer death.

Do you see the problem?

Here's Dr Ngozi Ezikethe, from the Illinois Department Of Public Health, confirming the above in a public press briefing.

Dr John Lee, a former professor of pathology and NHS consultant pathologist (which means he knows nothing, Jon Snow), warned against all of this, saying that it will lead to inflated numbers and false reporting.


"Covid deaths" look the same as natural deaths

The risk of death “from Covid” is pretty much identical to your background risk of death in general (flu, car accident, whatever).

Adding to that, the older you are, the closer to death you are.



In other words, if it was your time to go, then you would have gone in spite of SARS-CoV-2.

That's enough information for now.

Reject it, if you want.

Label it "denial", if you want.

Call it "conspiracy theories", if you want.

In fact, I insist you agree with nothing I say in this war report. Challenge all of it. Do what the media doesn't want you to do.



You're better off blindly trusting the authorities.

Question nothing.

Trust the science™.

After all, Tony Fauci would never lie to you.



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God bless.


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