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Take a look at this photo of what the Russians are doing to Ukraine.



Except that it isn't Ukraine.

And it's not the Russians doing it.

It is the Aramco Oil facility in Yemen, and it's the result of an ongoing war driven and funded by the US-Saudi coalition.




Our side (the West) is involved. 


I will be joined, in the next few days, by Isa Blumi, who is a Professor Of Turkish & Middle Eastern Studies at Stockholm University. He is an expert on Yemen, and will give me a history lesson on what's going on there, and why our Western corporate media largely ignores it or fabricates the facts.



He told me that he's currently in Beirut, so his internet connection might be iffy. Holding thumbs it goes smoothly.

Did you see all the outrage and the Yemeni flags on Facebook?

Me neither.

Most people don't even know where Yemen is, let alone know what the flag looks like. 

Adding to my conversation with Isa, I will be joined by Piers Robinson, who is the convenor of the Working Group On Syria, Propaganda And Media. He will deep-dive into Syria and what's going on there, including dismantling the adjacent propaganda. Basically, everything you read, about Syria, in the corporate media should be questioned. 



The last two years of a fake pandemic should have opened many eyes to the complete nonsense being perpetuated by - what Curtis Yarvin refers to as - The Cathedral, which is essentially the government, corporate media, and academia.

Challenge them and you will get cast out for being an apostate.



Don't think critically, you heathen!

Here's an anecdote.

Real411 is a "fact-checker" in South Africa. It receives funding from George Soros, and is integrated into the South African government and various influential corporate propaganda media outlets. Here is what Real411 put on its website, after taking exception to tweets I made during 2020, in which I criticised the Covid narrative.



In case you can't read the screenshot, you can read it on the website.


He is a loathsome, scheming, self-serving, opportunistic and hate-filled parasite who should be wiped off Twitter, like he has been off Facebook and YouTube (or preferably entirely off the face of the earth, if one can swing it).


The Cathedral wants apostates to be "wiped off the face of Earth".

Here's another anecdote.

I am not going to link to the following hilariously twisted garbage because I don't want to send traffic to the website. But you will find it if you search for it.




The only accurate bit is the "decentralised networks" part. I have spent a good portion of the last two years bulletproofing my work against censorship.

The irony is that the individuals in the aforementioned anecdotes have absolutely no sense of self awareness, especially since they are the ones who are hateful, abusive, and totalitarian. 

That said, I live rent-free in their heads, and they do excellent marketing for me. Bonus!

I might get it wrong at times, but at least I'm trying to piece together various puzzles. And, unlike The Cathedral, I don't claim to have a monopoly on truth.

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