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I've been in email communication with guy in Lithuania, who has been sharing his experiences with me.

For about a year, I - and others - have been warning of the farce that is this pandemic, saying that it is a proxy for a global shift into what the World Economic Forum calls "the Fourth Industrial Revolution".


The Fourth Industrial Revolution represents a fundamental change in the way we live, work and relate to one another. It is a new chapter in human development, enabled by extraordinary technology advances commensurate with those of the first, second and third industrial revolutions. These advances are merging the physical, digital and biological worlds in ways that create both huge promise and potential peril.


In order for this to happen, billions of people have to hand over many of their freedoms to an incoming globalist technocratic state and those funding it.

And they have. 

Ghent University's Professor Of Psychology, Mattias Desmet, believes it is because of mass indoctrination. I get emails, daily, from people who still buy into all the Covid propaganda, blindly believing the corporate media and questioning nothing.

It's mind boggling.


Back to the guy in Lithuania. Here's what is happening in his country "because of a virus". 


This is Gluboco's story.


In just 6 weeks, the Covid Pass has transformed my country into a regime of control and segregation.

The Covid Pass in Lithuania is called the "Opportunity Pass".

The Opportunity Pass allows you the opportunity to participate in society.

Without the Opportunity Pass, you don't have opportunity: your rights are restricted.

My wife and I don't have the Covid Pass. We refuse to accept the authoritarianism and control of the new regime. So we've lost our jobs and been banished from most of society.

With no Pass, we may only enter small shops with street entrances which mainly sell essential goods: food, pharma, optics, or farm/pet goods.

This convenience store meets the requirements, so we may enter. 



Every other store must, by law, ban people without the Pass. In Lithuanian, the Pass is called "Galimybi┼│ pasas", abbreviated as "GP". "GP" signs are now ubiquitous at stores and public buildings to signal compliance with the policy of banishment.



Every other store must, by law, ban people without the Pass.

In Lithuanian, the Pass is called "Galimybi┼│ pasas", abbreviated as "GP".

"GP" signs are now ubiquitous at stores and public buildings to signal compliance with the policy of banishment.



This is a clothing store. By law, it must ban my wife and me because we don't have the Covid Pass.

Clothing is not considered essential.



Why is an ID needed to shop, in addition to a Pass? To verify the Pass is yours.

A construction worker wanted food for his morning shift. Without his own Pass, he used his boss's QR code to enter a supermarket.

Police fined the man 5,000 eur and issued a press release.



This is a sporting goods store. The guard is using a phone app to verify the customer's Pass.

Without a Pass, my wife and I may not enter this store.



At all supermarkets >1500m2, guards scan each customer's Pass.

My wife and I may not shop in these supermarkets: no Pass, no entrance.



We're banned from bookstores.

Only people with a Covid Pass may enter. Because we don't have a Pass, my wife and I cannot take our two children here.



We're not allowed to receive any beauty services, e.g., hair, nails, skincare.

This is a barber. No Pass, no entrance.



Second-hand stores are not exempt. No one may buy or sell without the Pass. This is Humana, an international group which collects and sells second-hand clothing. No Pass, no entrance.



Without a Pass, we may not visit patients in medical facilities or senior care/residential homes.

The only exception is for terminally-ill patients, pregnant women, or children under 14 years of age, if the doctor gives advance permission.



Without a Pass, we cannot enter most government buildings. So we can't talk to government officials in person.

This is the website of the city of Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania: "As of 13-Sept, we only provide in-person service to people who have the Opportunity Pass."



At libraries, my family may only pick up and drop off books. Without a Covid Pass, we may not browse, read, or research.

The library has separate entrances to enforce the segregation. The sign on the main door says: "↑ Only with the Opportunity Pass → Without the Pass"


Lithuania's Covid Pass started in May as a temporary measure. The goal: "facilitate economic activity". In August, the temporary measure to help the economy became a permanent law to banish people from society....

Lithuania's Covid Pass law does not ban specific activities. Instead, it prohibits people without a Pass from all services and economic activities involving human contact. Then, starting from zero rights, it grants us limited permissions such as buying food in small shops.


This is an inversion of universal rights. In a free society, you can do whatever you want, unless the law prohibits you. Under Lithuania's new Covid Pass regime, it's inverted: you can't do anything, unless a bureaucrat allows you....

The law created in August allowed us non-Pass holders to buy food and medicine in small shops. Four days ago, bureaucrats imposed a new restriction on these shops: either limit capacity to only one customer per 30 square meters, or ban people without a Pass.

The increase in coercion takes from my family the few shopping options we still had. But it does not confer morality. What was wrong before is still wrong now. So we'll be buying all our supplies from outdoor markets this winter. No Pass required.

For now, at least.




Even more tragic is all the people cheering on this totalitarian nonsense as it gets rolled out across the world.

The Chinese Communist Party is smiling like never before.

But remember that it's "about a virus".




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