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Jabbing teens is stupid.

A massive red flag waving throughout this "pandemic" theatre, is the fact that medical science is being directed by actors in governments and corporate media.

Science by press conference, is not science.

It's a scripted stage production.

The moment political leaders take charge of medical science, is the moment you need to proceed with caution.

Like when they announce that teenagers can now get injected with an experimental drug that has zero long-term safety trials.



This is unscientific and will result in a spike in vaccine-related injuries and deaths amongst teenagers in the coming months.

How do I know it's unscientific?

Because seven scientists recently published a paper in which their research shows that "vaccinating" young people is not necessary and increases their health risks.

We already know that people, around the world, are dying from the Covid jab.

The claim is backed by research done by Dr Peter McCullough and Dr Jessica Rose.

Dr Peter McCullough was on my podcast a few months ago, and is a great man who has a genuine desire to save lives.

Meanwhile, a teenager in California died within days after getting his second Pfizer killshot. According to his mother, 

"He had no previous symptoms. I was with him one hour before and my assistant saw him 20 minutes prior and he did not show any irregularities."

Here's the VAERS report.


There is no reason to inject this toxic garbage into young people.

I am part of an email thread with some of the best medical minds in the world (including an inventor of mRNA biotech), and what they're saying is worrying. As we already know, long-term safety trials on these mRNA "vaccines" don't exist, so the conclusions (in the email) are speculative.

But they're not happy conclusions.

For example, cancer is going to rocket in the coming years, because of Covid "vaccines", and one such study by Dr Nicole Delépine in France points to this. Research conducted by Prof Judy Mikovits suggests the same thing

And the globalists know this, coincidentally.

How do they know that?

I think I know the answer.

A guest on my podcast also thinks he knows the answer.


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