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Look, I don't know what's going on in Ukraine.

I have some guests scheduled for my podcast, such as Kees Van Der Pijl and Richard Sakwa, both of whom are experts in international politics, especially Russian affairs.

Kees has been on my podcast before, but the topic was Covid propaganda. However, as a former Professor Of International Politics at Sussex University, and author of Flight MH17, Ukraine and the new Cold War, he knows a lot about that region.



Richard Sakwa also knows a lot about that region. He is, after all, Professor Of Russian & European Politics at the University Of Kent.



Short of actually being there, knowing the truth is not easy. But, two years into a fake pandemic, thanks to a well-funded and successful propaganda campaign, it should be blindingly obvious that believing corporate media is a terrible idea.

Take a look at this great diagram showing how the media multiplies propaganda.



Here's an even easier way of understanding it.

Let's say that I'm at the site of a plane crash. I take photos and write a quick story. I then sell it to a news agency. The agency then distributes it across its various media outlets.

A few hours later, millions of people have read my story and seen my photos on CNN, MSNBC, BBC, and so on.

Here's the thing.

What if my story is factually incorrect? What if I didn't actually take photos, but, instead, used photos from another plane crash? Sure, some news outlets might issue a retraction, but it won't matter. Millions of people will have been propagandised.

Which is where we are today.



As I type this, there are millions of people who actually think that wearing a mask protects them from a virus, and that Pfizer's injection is safe and effective. Mass confusion is a highly effective tool of subversion, as former KGB agent Yuri Bezmenov said in an interview during the 1980s.

Back to Ukraine.

I will update you with the opinions of my guests in the coming weeks, but my immediate understanding is that the Biden administration and NATO have more blood on their hands than Putin (who is being forced into a corner), due to Ukraine being a trojan horse for the political and military expansion of the American empire.



But, as political analyst Jan Oberg said, all empires fall.

And the American empire is falling.

Lest we forget that the United States and NATO agreed, back in 1990, that the said expansion would not move eastwards. In fact, US Secretary Of State, James Baker, said to Mikhail Gorbachev, 

"[N]ot an inch of NATO’s present military jurisdiction will spread in an eastern direction.



That didn't happen.

And the Ukrainian government explicitly stated that it did not want to join NATO, during 2010, which was not happily received by the American government and NATO.



Geopolitics is complex, and nobody likes war.

But one thing is certain.

Unlike Donald Trump, Joe Biden does not like Vladimir Putin.



Say what you will about the Russian president, he is a masterful strategist.

Meanwhile, the leader of the "free world" is a bumbling fool who doesn't even know what year we're in

I'll leave you with the following thought.

It just so happens that, by sheer coincidence, the US government funds a bunch of biolabs in Ukraine near the Russian border. The labs are referred to as "biological threat reduction" (whatever that means).



The Russian government was ignored when it asked for an investigation into the purpose of the biolabs.



The Chinese government also asked about the biolabs.

Here are the locations of the biolabs.



And here are the locations of the Russian bombings (as of two days ago).



But, don't read anything into it.

It's just a total coincidence.

Russian man bad, right?





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