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I have the best guests 

I know it's smack-talk, but I really do have the best podcast guests.

Coming up in the next two weeks,

  • founder and editor of UK Column, Brian Gerrish;
  • German lawyer suing the WHO for this fake pandemic, Reiner Fuellmich;
  • Chinese Communist Party insider, Jennifer Zeng;
  • inventor of Moderna's mRNA technology, Luigi Warren;
  • former NYU professor of Liberal Studies, Michael Rectenwald;
  • the world's most "dangerous faggot", Milo Yiannopoulos.

Jerm Warfare members have access to the live conversations and are able to interact with the guests. Non-members, however, can still watch or listen to the podcasts the following day, once uploaded to my website.

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Due to increasing Big Tech censorship, such as YouTube and Facebook and Twitter censoring content critical of these dangerous "Covid vaccines", my team has done (and is still doing) an amazing job at helping me bulletproof my work.

An example of Twitter's hilariously idiotic silencing attempts, is the removal of a factually correct statement by (my upcoming guest) Luigi Warren, who invented the mRNA technology on which Moderna was founded.

All video versions of my podcasts have been migrated from YouTube to Odysee, a decentralised video platform based on blockchain technology. Which basically means that censoring my videos is nearly impossible.

This war report, that you're reading right now, is sent from a private server.

I have the best cartoons

From 2005 up until about a year ago, I referred to myself as a cartoonist. Over the last year, since doing my podcast and loving it, I now refer to myself as a cartoonist and podcast host.

After all, it's literally true.

I have published around 7000 cartoons (and two books) throughout my career, around the world, even in multiple languages. I've won various awards, but I don't care much for awards anymore. 

I'm typing all of this as a reminder that drawing cartoons is my first love and something I will never stop doing.

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- Jerm


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